Museum of the Sea

A unique museum.

A museum where interdisciplinarity allows us to find new methods and solutions to reach the correct relationship between man and the environment.
Positioned, not by chance, in a special location: in the historic stronghold, a church and also a castle.
A site of protection, prayer, and with a stunning view.

In partnership with UNESCO and with the support of the Prada Group

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Siso Project


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Università degli Studi di Messina

Museo della Fauna senza sfondo

Museo della Fauna UNIME

The Museum of the Sea in Milazzo is possible thanks to the collaboration of SISO Project, the Municipality of Milazzo, and the University of Messina.

Siso project

the sperm whale

MuMa was created to exhibit the skeleton of the sperm whale known as Siso. The tail flukes of this young, ten-meter-long, male were entangled in an illegal drift net in the summer of 2017 in the Aeolian Islands.

Bastione Santa Maria

Castle of Milazzo

The skeleton of the sperm whale Siso was reconstructed inside the “Bastione di Santa Maria” in the ancient Castle of Milazzo, which is a popular tourist attraction.
The sperm whale, suspended by cables, appears to float in the air. The illegal drift net is positioned on its flukes and plastic items, that were found in the whale’s stomach, hang from the skeleton.
The goal of MuMa is to raise awareness: the story of the sperm whale Siso instills a moment of reflection and growth for everyone, young and old.


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The incredible story of Siso, the sperm whale that lived two lives
Milazzo, the second life of the sperm whale Siso in a museum.


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