MuMa is a unique museum.
It is a museum where interdisciplinarity drives the desire to find new methods and solutions to reach the correct relationship between man and the environment.
It arose from a pure and noble idea, after the death of a young marine mammal, a secular symbol of contemporary religion that represents the life of the Sea, a vital force that overcomes all obstacles.
It is not a coincidence that the site of the museum was once a place of worship as well as an historic stronghold. A church and a castle, a sacred bulwark for ecology. A site of protection, prayer, and with a stunning view. A view towards a future where we need to unite and collaborate together, today more than ever before.
A museum where visitors become aware of the current condition of the sea and leave with a greater sense of responsibility, becoming guardians of the values of MuMa.
MuMa is constantly evolving: it is dynamic and always changing. There are permanent displays but also temporary scientific and artistic exhibitions.
The Museum of the Sea of Milazzo focuses both on biology and on explaining anthropogenic impacts.
It is not a typical museum with displays and static panels, nor is it a museum full of skeletons and a disturbing and dark feeling. The only skeleton present is that of Siso, an animal that moves, speaks, and lives!
The museum is based on Ecosophy and aims to educate visitors so they gain a greater awareness about the environment.
There are educational scientific and artistic installations. The main purpose of the museum is to leave the visitor with a more sensible love and respect for nature and the sea.
A museum where science and art intertwine, and where traditional knowledge embraces technology. It provides useful lessons to create a new culture with a new way to understand our world, adapt for all ages, so we can survive and are prepared for the challenges. It is a museum that teaches visitors to love and care for nature.
The age of passive entertainment is over, this museum is a place of inspiration and regeneration, a place where human values are esteemed thanks to the contribution and vision of visitors, scientists and artists.
MuMa is a museum that is a reference point for scientist, a meeting point for cultural exchanges and a place for children to learn and play: it is a place to grow in tune with nature.

Museo del Mare di Milazzo



Castello di Milazzo
Via Salita Castello 
98057, Milazzo (ME)


Phone : + 39 380 764 1409

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